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Spinalink Demo V 3.0 This is a Demonstration Version Only! A fully functional version can be purchased from Silk Webware

Please select a link and press the arrow button
Spinalink is a versatile java applet designed to organize weblinks into an attractive selector which can be placed anywhere within an HTML web page. The selector is fully HTML frames compatible so the design of site and web navigation is convenient and attractive.

  1. Fully Html Frames compatible
  2. Loop or Limits setting
  3. Customize your link colors
  4. Adjust your link Fonts
  5. Adjust your link Bold face
  6. Click over the link or press the "GreenRing" button to follow your links
  7. You can Wallpaper afSpinalink to match your background Image or any other Image.
  8. Includes full setup instructions, sample html files and email support.

Spinalink can be used as a site and/or web navigation device and is perfectly suited to "WebRing" navigation. afSpinalink can also be used to select .jpg and .gif images.

We have supplied Full Version Setup Instructions so you can see the full options available. Also supplied are desriptions of some other graphical Silk Webware Webpage Applets

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